The Mariner’s Ridge Maintenance Association (MRMA) was created in 1971 and chartered in 1972 as a not-for-profit corporation. MRMA charter states that membership is mandatory for all home owners on the development’s 426 residential lots, and that its purpose is to “manage, control and provide for the care, maintenance and improvement of those certain areas set aside for the benefit of all the lessees and occupants of every residential lot.”

MRMA is NOT a Planned Community Association – it is strictly a “care and maintenance” association with mandatory membership. There are several Common Areas, noted in the map below; there are no parks, pools, clubhouses or other structures in the Common Areas. MRMA does not own anything but is required to maintain these common areas.

All property owners are required to maintain the “parkway” between the sidewalk and the curb. These parkways are to be planted in grass or ground cover only, or with City-approved trees. Any other trees or shrubs may be subject to removal requests by the City & County of Honolulu at your expense. If such plants damage the sidewalk, you may be responsible for sidewalk repair or replacement costs.

If you live on any of the following streets, you are responsible for maintaining the parkway area directly across the street from your lot; these areas don’t have sidewalks but are required to be maintained to the street curbed:

  • Kamoi Place
  • Kaohe Place
  • Kahauloa Place
  • Kahuwai Place
  • Kapapala Place
  • Kaipuhaa Place
  • Kapoho Place
  • Kauku Place
  • Kakapa Place
  • Kakiwa Place
  • Kaalula Place
  • Kawaiki Place


All members are required to pay annual dues. The information below is taken directly from the Amendments to the Bylaws, Article II (Membership), Section 2:

The amount is set before each calendar year and payable annually in advance of Nov. 1 of such year, or upon the later creation of lease or sublease of such lot during such year, then at the time the membership commences on a pro rata basis. Any Association member delinquent for over thirty (30) days in the payment of his dues shall be subject to the legal action of the Board of Directors with respect to the collection thereof as provided for herein and shall not have or exercise any rights of membership including vote unless such dues are fully paid, but shall nevertheless remain obligated to observe and perform all duties incident to such membership.

Board of directors

NamePositionTerm expires
Cynthia TothPresident2026
Charles MorrisonVice President2024
Kip JonesTreasurer2025
Joe VierraSecretary 2026
Sunny ChenDirector2024
Jenna MoligaDirector 2025
Rhonda Bryan

Tom Durso

Scott Viola




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