Annual Meeting March 20, 2023

The Annual Meeting of the Mariner’s Ridge Maintenance Association (MRMA) will take place on Monday, March 20, with check-in starting at 6:15 p.m. and the meeting being called to order at 6.45 p.m.

The meeting will take place at Hahaione Elementary School Cafeteria.

The meeting will cover the following:

  • Receive reports on MRMA business & activities;
  • Elect New Directors for any vacant positions.
  • Transact any business which may be brought before the Association

An Organizational Meeting of the Board of Directors will follow the Annual Meeting to elect Officers and conduct any necessary business.

Owners of Record and current paid maintenance fees with the MRMA – Board of Directors as of March 19, 2023 can vote at the Meeting. All owners are encouraged to attend the Meeting.

We have 4 board positions open for the coming year – all positions are for 3 year terms. Responsibilities include attending meetings about five times a year -We have a strong, cohesive board and the members leaving have served for many years and believe in giving the opportunity for others to serve as well!

If you are interested in serving on the board, email your bio to the board by February 20, 2023. Click here to email the board with your bio or for any questions.

Voting for the position will take place at our annual meeting on March 20, 2023. More details to come!

Irrigation Line Repair Work

You may have noticed some digging going on at the bottom of the hill – our landscaping crews are repairing pipes that have broken due to the shower tree roots growing into them.

Under the direction of Board of Directors, our irrigation repair company is constantly checking the pipe line along Kaluanui Road and repairing cracked sections as they find them.

You can see examples of the work on the broken pipes in the video and photos below:

And here’s a photo of one of the repair jobs:

In addition to the sprinkler repairs, the crew has checked the sprinkler timers and replaced batteries and other parts. These adjustments should help prevent areas of the grass on Kaluanui from turning brown, as they have been.

Landscaping Update

Basically the entire Board is in charge of all landscaping and work hard to repair, reduce consumption, renovate the 12 areas of responsibility directed by our Charter.

We have a new landscape maintenance company as of Sept. 2022. Green Thumb Pros, LLC., a family owned business. Many of you may have seen Sam and his family working on the ridge frequently. Sam says he enjoys meeting the homeowners when they stop to say hello and thank him for his hard work. Currently Sam is renovating the lower vista which is in need. Poor soil, dilapidated weed barrier along with low water consumption plants will be replaced. Sam’s motto is not to be the biggest just be the best. As a reminder, MRMA is strictly a “care and maintenance” association whose  purpose is to manage and maintain the common areas identified in the bylaws. Our mandate does not cover mediating disputes between property owners or anything else beyond the purpose outlined in the bylaws.

We encourage property owners to sign up for Nextdoor, where you can have online conversations with other Mariner’s Ridge property owners in the forum dedicated solely to Mariner’s Ridge. Please click here to read our previous blog post for more information.

New Landscaping Crew

You may have noticed our new landscape maintenance crew, Green Thumb Pros, LLC. working hard recently to beautify the entrance to Mariner’s Ridge. The recent work has included trimming the hedge to the inside rock wall so when they grow, they aren’t so intrusive in the sidewalk, fertilizing, checking sprinkler timers, sprinkler heads, irrigation lines are a regular practice. Current project underway is the lower vista renovation. It began with a huge tree stump situated next to and growing into the rock wall. It was precariously cut down and stump ground by Sherwood’s Tree Service Grading, adding soil, barrier, rocks, and plants to follow. Quality takes time, so just to point out the small things being done on the ridge that Sam does that never get mentioned. He removes weeds growing on the street asphalt and gutter. Sam uses a “billy goat” to suck up the cuttings after he cuts grass. He does not blow it around uselessly like others do. Sam uses a metal edger rather than a weed whacker to give us a clean edge look on our medians. Sam cuts low hanging trees in the way of traffic without being asked. In addition, he continually is cutting and removing unsightly haole koa from basically everywhere. Sam will be using a small construction bucket to run along sidewalks that have dirt slide on them so as to remove and make full usage of the sidewalks for the many walkers on the hill.   

The MRMA board at work

Recently a homeowner posted the following on (which we encourage everyone to join for updated news and information about our neighborhood):

Mahalo to the Mariner Residents who planted the blue flowering plants at the entrance of Mariner’s Ridge! It is beautiful and I appreciate your efforts every time I drive up the hill! Again Mahalo!

The well-maintained landscaping you see along Kaluanui Road as you enter the community is the work of the MRMA board, which is tasked by our bylaws to “manage, control and provide for the care, maintenance and improvement of those certain areas set aside for the benefit of all the lessees and occupants of every residential lot.” (please see those areas outlined in the map below)

In particular, board Vice President Cynthia Toth has acted as chairwoman of the board Landscape Committee, coordinating with landscapers and very often getting her hands dirty and working alongside them! We all owe Cynthia a big thank you for her volunteer landscaping work over the last several years to the present. Below is an example of what the area around the entrance sign looked like before the Landscape Committee had them removed and the plumbago – the blue flowering bushes – planted.

Most recently, the Landscape Committee has overseen repairs of our sprinkler systems, as well as the replacement of a tree that was damaged after a car ran into it on Kaluanui Road – thankfully, the driver was not hurt in that incident. As members of our neighborhood community, we urge everyone to please show aloha to others by driving cautiously and abiding by posted speed limits.

The common areas that the board is responsible for maintaining are indicated in the map below.

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