The MRMA board at work

Recently a homeowner posted the following on (which we encourage everyone to join for updated news and information about our neighborhood):

Mahalo to the Mariner Residents who planted the blue flowering plants at the entrance of Mariner’s Ridge! It is beautiful and I appreciate your efforts every time I drive up the hill! Again Mahalo!

The well-maintained landscaping you see along Kaluanui Road as you enter the community is the work of the MRMA board, which is tasked by our bylaws to “manage, control and provide for the care, maintenance and improvement of those certain areas set aside for the benefit of all the lessees and occupants of every residential lot.” (please see those areas outlined in the map below)

In particular, board Vice President Cynthia Toth has acted as chairwoman of the board Landscape Committee, coordinating with landscapers and very often getting her hands dirty and working alongside them! We all owe Cynthia a big thank you for her volunteer landscaping work over the last several years to the present. Below is an example of what the area around the entrance sign looked like before the Landscape Committee had them removed and the plumbago – the blue flowering bushes – planted.

Most recently, the Landscape Committee has overseen repairs of our sprinkler systems, as well as the replacement of a tree that was damaged after a car ran into it on Kaluanui Road – thankfully, the driver was not hurt in that incident. As members of our neighborhood community, we urge everyone to please show aloha to others by driving cautiously and abiding by posted speed limits.

The common areas that the board is responsible for maintaining are indicated in the map below.

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