New Landscaping Crew

You may have noticed our new landscape maintenance crew, Green Thumb Pros, LLC. working hard recently to beautify the entrance to Mariner’s Ridge. The recent work has included trimming the hedge to the inside rock wall so when they grow, they aren’t so intrusive in the sidewalk, fertilizing, checking sprinkler timers, sprinkler heads, irrigation lines are a regular practice. Current project underway is the lower vista renovation. It began with a huge tree stump situated next to and growing into the rock wall. It was precariously cut down and stump ground by Sherwood’s Tree Service Grading, adding soil, barrier, rocks, and plants to follow. Quality takes time, so just to point out the small things being done on the ridge that Sam does that never get mentioned. He removes weeds growing on the street asphalt and gutter. Sam uses a “billy goat” to suck up the cuttings after he cuts grass. He does not blow it around uselessly like others do. Sam uses a metal edger rather than a weed whacker to give us a clean edge look on our medians. Sam cuts low hanging trees in the way of traffic without being asked. In addition, he continually is cutting and removing unsightly haole koa from basically everywhere. Sam will be using a small construction bucket to run along sidewalks that have dirt slide on them so as to remove and make full usage of the sidewalks for the many walkers on the hill.   

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