Landscaping Update

Basically the entire Board is in charge of all landscaping and work hard to repair, reduce consumption, renovate the 12 areas of responsibility directed by our Charter.

We have a new landscape maintenance company as of Sept. 2022. Green Thumb Pros, LLC., a family owned business. Many of you may have seen Sam and his family working on the ridge frequently. Sam says he enjoys meeting the homeowners when they stop to say hello and thank him for his hard work. Currently Sam is renovating the lower vista which is in need. Poor soil, dilapidated weed barrier along with low water consumption plants will be replaced. Sam’s motto is not to be the biggest just be the best. As a reminder, MRMA is strictly a “care and maintenance” association whose  purpose is to manage and maintain the common areas identified in the bylaws. Our mandate does not cover mediating disputes between property owners or anything else beyond the purpose outlined in the bylaws.

We encourage property owners to sign up for Nextdoor, where you can have online conversations with other Mariner’s Ridge property owners in the forum dedicated solely to Mariner’s Ridge. Please click here to read our previous blog post for more information.

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